Klandestine Garage Band

Klandestine Garage Band

A Kinder, Gentler…

Diaper Pail

The approach I took with the Klandestine Garage Band (KGB) was to slightly modify the instructions included with the CD. While they suggested headphones for apartment dwellers, I decided to slap crank up the volume to 11, and let all my coworkers experience the real potential of giving employees CD players with their computers. Two immediate responses were received: 1) what the hell is that? And 2) turn that OFF! Thus, I knew the album was a smash success.

KGB don’t necessarily play music, mind you. It’s definitely more along the lines of noisy collages of random tunes and samples. Their emphasis is on the disfuntionality of humankind, most likely stiff Americans who walk around with their brains on prescription drugs (“A Kinder, Gentler… ” and “Therapy”). I also believe that KGB are fascinated by unrestrained destruction and reduction of “civilization” to rubble (“War,” “Killer Ants,” and “Unemployment”). If you’re into what the Butthole Surfers were doing a long time ago or perhaps pre-industrial industrial music, KGB is the ticket. Diaper Pail Productions, Salem, MA 01970

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