Knock Out

Knock Out

In the First Round & In the Second Round

Knock Out

These two compilations bring us four dozen international punks, some good and some not so good.

The first disc contains some remarkable cuts, including “Furto Con Destrezza” by Drunken Nuns, “Idols Are Out” by Oxymoron, “Running Riot” by Klasse Kriminale, “It’s Up to You” by Red London, and “Right Behind You,” a previously unreleased track by Distortion. The worst by far is a schlocky number titled “Mary” by Five in Ten.

The second disc includes “How Low” by Red Flagg 77, “For All Commons” by Those Unknown, “Boys Night Out” by Patriot, “Easy Way Out” by Templars, and “Keine Zeit” by Oi Melz. Two particularly shitty tracks are: a lame pseudo-ska number called “Skagga” by Los Placebos and a strange, new-wavy, complete-with-keyboards cut titled “Cosmo Cab” by Butlers.

Overall, these two punk samplers are terrific. There’s plenty of mostly European music that’s mostly good. Knock Out Records, Postfach 100716, 46527 Dinslaken, Germany.

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