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Mike Tramp



Mike Tramp is a singer who knows a lot about perseverance. In the late ’80s, his band White Lion was at the top of hard rock charts. They sold millions of records and toured the world several times. However, with the explosion of the grunge scene, Tramp found his glory days numbered. After the breakup of White Lion, he formed Freak of Nature, who put out two albums to no critical acclaim. Tramp is back though with his first solo album, making his long absence well worth the wait.

Capricorn shows a side to the former bubblegum rocker that may surprise both fans and critics alike. No longer whiny, Tramp delivers 10 melodic tracks, which grow on you, with a mature voice and sound.

Tramp excels on upbeat tunes like “Had I Not Complained,” “If I Live Tomorrow,” and “Running Out Of Life.” He also fares well on the U2-ish sounding first single “Better Off,” that tackles the tough issue of child abuse, and the almost Mellencamp “Already Gone.” However, he leaves little to be desired on the slower tracks “Love Will Come and Go” and “Have You Ever.” The only song that hints back to his glory days is “Wait Not For Me,” which sounds exactly like White Lion. Speaking of White Lion, former bassist James Lomenzo provides backup vocals on “Already Gone” and “Running Out Of Life.” The only disappointing thing about Capricorn is that it’s too short. Clocking in at less than 42 minutes, the album is over just as you start to get into it.

According to astrology, Capricorns have a reputation for being both ambitious and steadfast. It only stands to reason then that Tramp would name his new endeavor Capricorn, after his astrological sign. CMC International, 5226 Greens Dairy Rd., Raleigh, NC 27616

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