Neilson Hubbard

Neilson Hubbard

Neilson Hubbard

E Pluribus Unum

Here, listen to this. • What is it? • It’s pop. It’s good. • Good? How? • What do you mean, how? Um… it’s got great melodies, catchy hooks. It’s different. • Well, what makes it different? • It’s good, it doesn’t have to be different. • What do you mean? • Well, why mess with the formula? Remember New Coke? • Oh, yeah. What does it sound like? • It’s got guitars, drums, bass. Vocal harmonies. Some slow songs, some fast songs. Happy, sad songs. • Sounds like just about everything else. Boring. • No, no! It’s better, it really is. This guy Hubbard has a way with words and notes, it sounds the same as everything else, but it’s different because it’s good. It’s just not different because it’s weird. • Neilson Hubbard, you say? Where do I find this record?E Pluribus Unum, 8454A Santa Monica Blvd., #831, West Hollywood, CA 94709

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