Havy Baubaus Inflience


The album’s title comes from a publication’s botched attempt at describing the band. Though the dada was probably more serendipitous than intentional, the results nonetheless work well at summarizing Havy Baubaus Inflience.

The septet takes sonic excursions to heart, and often sets up camp by scattering in all directions. With the variety of sound sources the band supports (male and female vocalists, traditional guitar/bass/drums/keyboards, yes, but also a very active saxophone/clarinet and violin contingent), it’s easy to get swept up in the texture and interlocking riffing that Oblitteratti seem so fond of. “Front Butt Society” feels like falling asleep drunk, unsure whether sitting upright will banish or worsen the spinning. “Super Gucci Frat” is the journey from bar to bed. Somewhere in there, too, was a piercing whine, which sounded like alien mind control. The Visitors know best. Whirlybird Records, 28 Decatur Ave., Annapolis, MD 21403

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