Primal Scream

Primal Scream

Vanishing Point


Remember Primal Scream? In this latest symphonic escapade you’ll hear them go off in a million divergent directions, many of which are worthy of note. The journey will take you through multiple aural costume changes ranging from Trainspotting’s tribal drum beat plodding into deep ghetto jazz, to the menacing industrial techno goth of “Kowalski,” to a psychedelic and trippy “Burning Wheel.” Blaxploitation inspiration is found on “If They Move Kill ‘Em,” and Rolling Stones style R&B comes with “Medication.” These selections are nicely accessorized by enhancers such as tablas, saxophone, trumpet, harmonica, and movie dialogue from the coincidentally titled movie. Choose between vocals or none. Vanishing Point is Primal Scream exhibiting multiple personalities which unite to form this varied sampler.

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