Promised Land 3

Promised Land 3

Future History


Future History is the most comprehensive installment of the Promised Land series thus far. Volume 3 is a double CD set showcasing the newer Drum & Bass stylings mixed by Peshay as well as old school classics presented in an unmixed format. Avid D&B fans are going to kill for copies while newcomers should find it enlightening. Peshay’s mix embarks on the jazzier of routes with Addiction and Helen T’s “Smash and Grab” and “Jazz Addiction,” Lemon D’s “The Going Gets Tough,” and the Forcefield’s “2012.” Each track is a hottie worked into a blizzard of tones and textures. If that wasn’t enough the classic CD is simply inspiring. Included are LTJ’s ten minute opus “Music,” DJ Crystal’s “Meditation” and “Warp Drive,” Helen T’s “Jake’s Progress,” and Roni Size’s “Music Box.” If you’re into the sound of now, here’s your next weekend. I would commit multiple felonies for a copy on vinyl. Doin’ the time.

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