Quintaine Americana

Quintaine Americana

Decade of the Brain


The phrase “drug music,” when it had meaning, clearly referred to bands that people listened to while taking lots of drugs. In college I learned that “drug music” was anything the Lords of the Dance Floor didn’t want to hear coming out of the speakers at a frat party. While those two definitions are entirely too subjective, yet somewhat correct, I think they miss the point in that the music in question was played for purposes of increasing the high.

The moment I put on Decade of the Brain, I thought “drug music.” But not in the sense that my high was increased (wait a minute, I don’t take drugs) but that this CD was recorded by people on hard drugs. Actually, this CD is a hard drug! It’s like listening to a heroin needle sing about death! (Funny, Quintaine Americana’s first album was called Needles.) All the songs on Decade of the Brain mirror frontman and former crop-duster Rob Dixon’s simply terrible life in Mississippi before he escaped to the sanity of Boston. For example, “… And They Were Drinkin'” describes how a neighbor got the nickname “Pigfucker.” Hint: he had sex with a pig. I recommend Quintaine Americana for people who want to hear a brutal humorless, semi-melodic Killdozer.

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