Sheep On Drugs

Sheep On Drugs

Never Mind The Methadone


While others may forsake their deluge into smack, Sheep On Drugs commemorate the “good times” with a celebratory fix in the face of politically correct society. Never Mind The Methadone may be easily dismissed as transparent and shallow by A.O.R. America, but for those who spend sleepless nights on the dance floors of the underworld, this is inherently their music.

Never Mind The Methadone presents remixes by Psychic TV, Not Breathing and Marc Heal among others. The dastardly “Back in Black” is torn to pieces by S.O.D. and Pigface so as to make you vomit when you hear the lame original version. The rest of the album is pure reinforcement to their idiom. FEED YOUR UNDERBELLY!!!! Invisible Records, P.O. Box 16008, Chicago, IL 60616;

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