Crude, Rude, Dude


I’m sure SPIT fans were waiting for this greatest hits/sampler recording with baited breath. Er, make that mastur-baited breath…

Vinnie SPIT, convicted of making the dirtiest record ever (outtakes from the trial are included on Crude, Rude, Dude), has provided roughly twelve little ditties showcasing his artistic output since the mid-1980s. Each of SPIT’s last six albums is represented; there’s “G-String Swing,” from the album of the same name, “Godfather of Smut,” from the album of the same name, “My Big Dick,” from You Would if You Loved Me, and other samplings from Thrust and Disgust, The Tao of SPIT, and Persecution of Genius. Vinnie SPIT’s musical talents are equally showcased; after all, he plays about 30 musical instruments and is an accomplished classical composer. The metal of “Phone Sex” is matched by the ragtime swing of “A Dick Like Mine,” the techno-rap of “Mistress Jacqueline” is matched up with the swing of “It Don’t Mean A Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Sting.” Additionally, Mr. SPIT is quite the hilarious stand-up comedian, and two bits, “The Puddle” and “A Big Story,” are included for your listening pleasure.

What sets SPIT at the very pinnacle of Artistic Obscenity is the universal appeal of his music. The catchy rhythms and beats are too addictive and I guarantee that your most prudish and stiff friends will find themselves unable to stay away. Put this on at a party and everybody dances! If it’s not available at the local SmutMart, contact Vinnie SPIT himself at VinnieSPIT@aol.com and he’ll set you up! ? Records/Hot Products, Inc., 1450 NW 159th St, Miami, FL 33169

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