The Step Kings

The Step Kings

Seven Easy Steps

Fantastic Plastic

I have been known to be pessimistic when regarding many band’s debut efforts as their eventual swan song. However, after a listen to this EP, I am hopeful The Step Kings have much more in store for us.

Hailing from Newark, where a band’s identity can be easily lost in the “NY Hardcore” scene, the trio have emerged from the pack with an original sound — Gritty hardcore with just the right mixture of rap, basslines, and vocals from Bob McLynn that, when necessary, rattle the walls with the force of Pantera or Orange 9mm.

The raw, driving sound is in full force on the first track, “Vibe.” Mike Fernbacher maintains a commanding guitar presence whether it be fuzzy (“Independence Day”), mood-altering (“I Come From Corleone”), or straight-ahead mayhem.

Seven songs comprise Seven Easy Steps. No fluff, no bullshit. I, for one, will be eagerly waiting for the Kings to once again hold court. At the moment, there is no indication of a full-length CD release, but they are set to tour intensively in the upcoming months. For more band & tour info, check out: Blackout!, P.O. Box 1575, New York, NY 10003

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