Tren Brothers

Tren Brothers

Tren Brothers EP

Drag City

I’ve only had this for about a week and have already listened to it way more than anything by the Dirty Three (in which Brothers Mick Turner and Jim White can usually be found holding down a solid rhythm for violinist Warren Ellis’ endless solos). This EP has also forced me to reevaluate Mick Turner’s recent guitar effort, Tren Phantasma, and conclude that it deserves much more attention than it’s getting. On this release, Turner utilizes six (!) guitar loops to slowly and meticulously build one series of rhythms upon another creating a ghostly guitar orchestra. A friend of mine thought it was the Grateful Dead at first, which while scary does indicate what this is: drawn out guitar noodling. Personally, I don’t hear the Dead similarities. I hear some of the best instrumental music to be released in some time. Drag City, P.O. Box 476867, Chicago, IL 60647

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