Pam & Tommy Lee

Pam & Tommy Lee

Hardcore & Uncensored


Before you call me a pervert for watching this, I’m sure that most of you sick pukes reading this magazine have already seen the damn tape yourself. The rest of you want to see it. I won’t get into the details of how or why it is now sitting on my couch, but I will get into the review and save all of you some time, money, and sanity.

This is absolutely THE WORST piece of shit I have ever seen in my life! The tape is 60 minutes long and has about 1 minute of sex in the whole thing (it’s bad sex, too). My girlfriend became physically ill from motion sickness as the heavily inebriated couple tossed the camera around for an hour or so. There is NO content on this tape worthy of someone stealing, selling, buying, renting, watching, or whatever. I can’t believe this was a media issue at all.

The only thing this video is good for is getting a good look at the biggest couple of white trash scumbags in the world today. I loved watching two of the dumbest people I’ve ever seen in my life attempt to have conversations and attempt to make love. Here are the highlights:

• Tommy acting like a sick toddler by constantly touching, rubbing, and beating off throughout the whole movie.

• Tommy wearing bright orange nut huggers and makeup!

• Pamela dons unsightly bruises on her biceps that resemble “wife beating” grab marks

• Pamela constantly and repeatedly asks “Where are we?” throughout the whole video.

• Pamela masturbating her swollen, chaffed, clean-shaven, and rather large vagina for a split second (it is not a pretty sight).

• Hearing these ill-spoken freaks say “fuck” in-between every other word they mutter.

This video is SO bad, I wish churches would get organized, buy every copy, and burn the fuckers. This video makes a great case for government-controlled genetic breeding experiments. This video must be forgotten about. Please.

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