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Adam F



Almost a year ago, I picked up Artcore 2 from React. The first track was Section 5 Records’ Adam F, with the song “Circles.” Well, the guy has moved on, and finally has a full-length album on Astralwerks. It’s drum and bass, but this sub-category of “electronica” (or should I say big beat like the Brits?) has a wide variety of styles. “Seventy-Three” comes out of the intro with a smooth and sexy rumba. It’s a perfect prelude to “Metropolis,” where the big bass thump drops in underneath thick ambient sounds. “Jaxx” replicates the sound of “Metropolis” without imitating the same feel. Imagine a ton of bricks hanging above your head. When the bass kicks, those bricks have just landed on your head. “The Tree Knows Everything” is one of the first times I’ve enjoyed listening the female voice (provided by Tracey Thorn) in the drum and bass context. “Dirty Harry” makes me feel like I’m watching Clint Eastwood screaming down the street at high speed firing his pistol through the windshield at criminals trying to elude him. “Aromatherapy” melts out the album with a solid therapeutic trip to a health spa. It’s the perfect ending before the Roni Size remix of “Circles.” Colours has a couple of house-styled tracks, and they just don’t move me towards anything but the track advance button. Others might like this style, it just isn’t my thing. Adam F at least places a lot of emphasis onto the jazz styled horns and guitar sounds to give it a fresh sound. The tracks that jump make you jump on Colours. It’s worth checking out for those of us that enjoy the faster pace of drum and bass.

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