Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith

Musical Mayhem


WOW! Before Andy decided to bless the world with his talents in Gospel or Matlock, he was getting into the Church of Satan in a big way. The year was 1978, and somehow, the homeboy from Mayberry cut some tracks that never got laid onto a record UNTIL NOW. Some genius found the tapes of Andy’s secret sessions in the vault of a defunct recording studio in Georgia. I don’t know how or why he decided to do it, but Andy pays homage to the Devil and all of his minions with cuts like “Bloody Black Night on the Lake,” and “Dustpan Full of Praise.” Of course, a lawsuit is in the works, since Andy is now a man of GOD, so you’d better pick up this masterfully disturbing 8 song album while it lasts. Definitely collector’s material.

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