Blood Duster

Blood Duster

Str8 Outta Northcote


Well all right!

I completely welcome a new breed of metal that must take over the planet! Its messenger is Victoria, Australia’s Blood Duster, whose first release, entitled Fisting the Dead, stunned Aussie audiences with the mega-hit “Raping the Elderly.” (!)

Fisting the Dead ? Fisting the Dead ?! FISTING THE DEAD ?! There are people from an industrialized, civilized nation who release an album called Fisting the Dead? No wonder the Australian government embraced Hitler and confiscated all the guns. [Digression: it is now illegal to own a firearm in Australia, I call for a boycott of all Australian products, except death metal, until their oppressive, Nazi “government” is overthrown! Death to Australia! End of digression.]

While the appreciation of extreme metal is, in my opinion, something that requires the most flexible of tastes (after all, it is art… ), Blood Duster has turned everything upside-down by recording songs that rock. From the very first song (“Given’ Stiff to the Stiff”) I was hooked. I mean, this is like, metal that grooves! In fact, I’ll go so far as to compare these underground grinding death rock necrophilic pederastic retches to the almighty Black Sabbath! How can I do that? Easy! I listened to the album and said to myself, “Hey! They’re putting disgusting lyrics to old Black Sabbath music!” Most of Str8 Outta Northcote sounds like Carcass doing a perpetual cover of “Symptom of the Universe!”

Now, I believe that not one of the 21 songs on the album passes the two-minute mark, with most of them not even going past 11 seconds. No, wait, the penultimate song, “Puredigitalsilence” tops out at 9 minutes, 44 seconds. And it looks like the mystery track, number 22, pushes 6 minutes of death metal Lynryd Skynyrd. Other magnificent songs include “Metalasfuck” and “Wheredoesallthemoneygowhenreleasingafulllengthalbum.” I salute these Aussie rebels for their commitment to METAL. Relapse, P.O. Box 251, Millersville, PA 17751;

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