Chinese Burn EP


If Curve were Vietcong, then Chinese Burn would be their method to make you talk, break you down. Fortunatly, Halliday and Garcia, the two main earlobe twisters of Curves’ front, chose some heavy artillery to help them with their mission. The piece “Chinese Burn” gets six differnt camouflage dressings by some of today’s remix wonders. Those that were recruited had the task to individualize the same song. The Flood mix appears on the full length, and is quite spectacular. Enough so that you will want to hear the other interpretations. The Van Dyk remix is a full 10.5 minutes long and seems to go away too soon. Headcase Medipac creates a throbbing soundscape with its wailing electronica. Witchman’s and Steve Osborne round out the six-pack with stunners of their own. Two bonus tracks appear at the end of this EP; they are not quite as polished as the others , but they too can explain why Curve sent the others home early! Me love you long time.

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