David Schweizer and Brian Chodorcoff

David Schweizer and Brian Chodorcoff

Princeton’s Guff


From the marching snare and vocal interplay of the short opener “Foolio” through a couple of raw-Robbie Robertson-ish songs — melody strong with a comfy sofa-like rhythm section, a heel-thumper here and crafty guitar lick there (my favorite is in “Better Place”), to the lowdown hoedown of “Country Tune” or the jerky twisty “crunge” of another, Princeton’s Guff maintains a smooth flow from song to song, remaining sonically interesting and holding a steady musical foundation. Some special intros and outros help with that gentle nudge that shifts you from track to track.

The production seems to have captured the up-front and personal touch of ’90s mixes without the gimmickry of hip hop or sampled stuff — a more traditional approach and playing styles from an organic palette. In effect, co-opting roots rock into new rock.

Vocally, the texture here is in the flavor of Spacehog or the Judybats — a deep, friendly, raspy purr or growly snarl, sometimes effected and some with harmonies.

The overall song/genre diversity is sort of reminiscent of the second half of Physical Graffiti — staying in the same stream but jumping from one peculiarly shaped rock to another oddly-sized one. A few of the softer ballads even recall some of the slower Ziggy Stardust pieces.

Clean and crisp throughout, this is an inviting release, and you’re invited to check it out at one of their shows or direct from the label. Richter Records, 110 E. Princeton St., Orlando, FL 32804

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