Under the Blade

Metal Blade/Invasion

Brutally powerful Swedish speed metal with lots and lots of emphasis on violence. Defleshed, comprising Lars (“the master of the six-stringed beast”), Gustaf (“lord of power and pain”), and Matte (god of thunder and lightening”), present a full-on Viking raid — all in one compact disk!

This band knows and plays great metal, as they cover the fully appropriate “Curse the Gods,” a classic tune by the “mighty” (Defleshed’s words) Destruction. It is good to know that there are bands who give respect to the first wave of Continental metal. Defleshed (gotta love that name, eh?) play songs with violent titles like “Farewell to the Flesh,” “Eat the Meat Raw,” and “Metalbounded.” They’re also proud of their pagan identities, clearly, as evidenced by songs such as “Sons of Spellcraft and Starfalls” and “Thorns of a Black Rose.”

But this year’s best song title (congratulations, Defleshed) is “Metallic Warlust!” I can imagine myself, in full Angry Viking Armor, at a Defleshed show going berserk when the band says, “this is called ‘Metallic Warlust’ for all you immortal vikings!” Argh! Makes my want to go smash things with reckless abandon! Metal Blade Records, 2828 Cochran St., Suite 302, Simi Valley, CA 93065-2793;

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