Hot Water Music/Tomorrow

Hot Water Music/Tomorrow

Split 11″

No Idea

It seems to me that the main reason for anyone to buy any record by Hot Water Music should be so they can sing along at the show. From the opinion of someone who has seem them many times, there is no possible way for a recording to capture what this band can do to you live. If you live somewhere where you can’t see them on a regular basis, I am sorry. You really owe it to yourself to take a road trip sometime. Tomorrow is best seen live as well. Both bands play from the heart, rocking punk/hardcore/emo. Both bands are amazing live and well worth your time/energy/gas money/etc.

That being said, I don’t like this record. There’s better Hot Water Music stuff and I’ve never liked the recordings that I’ve heard of Tomorrow. Go see these bands live. Kill if you must. No Idea Records, P.O. Box 14636, Gainesville, FL 32604

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