Into The Mix (The 2nd Coming)

Into The Mix (The 2nd Coming)

Various Artists


When you produce a compilation CD with a bonus “free” CD, just how do you decide which disc is “free?” What does it say about the tracks on the “free” disc? Are they substandard? Is it a political decision? Personal preference? Is it a slam on certain artists? Are the people paying for the remixes and getting the original versions free? Does anyone care? Or should everyone just shut up and dance? Anyway both these discs are just crammed with dancehall knockouts and multitudes of mixes for a veritable Ronco-style musical smorgasbord of the sounds of the future today. Contributions team up old school types like Gary Numan and Brian Eno at opposite ends of their respective mixes, with the upstart likes of Freaky Chakra, Uberzone, Armand Van Helden, Spahn Ranch, and the Orb doing it to The Crystal Method, 808 State, and friends. Like I said, shut up and dance. Cleopatra Records, P.O. Box 1394, Hollywood, CA 90078

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