Voltage COntrolled

North of No South

According to the sticker on the album, K-Pist “look at life through video game eyes.” Indeed, the Atari 2600 (and its competing video game consoles) has become the touchstone to those who were pubescent in the ’80s, providing a raft of recognizable sights and sounds that are guaranteed to send those in their late twenties into convulsions of nostalgia.

K-Pist does well to not sample Combat and Dodge ‘Em directly, but they still serve up their odd combination of hardcore, punk, dance and funk slathered with a hefty sauce of beeping booping analog riffing. This dish succeeds about half the time, and while the failures are easily ignored, the successes will make fans of Atari Teenage Riot and Daft Punk stand up and take notice.

As a bonus, the band includes a CD-ROM filled with graphics and samples, and invites people to “create your own K-Pist remixes and beat the shit out of the originals.” Alright! Email this Swedish label: nons@nons.se

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