King Britt presents Sylk 130

King Britt presents Sylk 130

When the Funk Hits the Fan

Ovum/Ruff House/Columbia

I was especially critical and tough on this LP because The King is Josh Wink’s partner, and therefore has very big expectations to fulfil. Once I got over that, the thing I found most interesting about this album is the way it all builds up to a cover of “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.” During the intro, Britt clearly states that growing up in Philly, he experienced a pivotal moment. Afterwards, his goal became clear. He wanted to be like the DJ who changed his life, that way he could maybe save someone else, too, either from a lonely heart or just a stupid night out. It’s a cool theme that reflects on the feelings produced in a room crowded with people and a thumping system. In an obscure manner, it brings to mind parodies of urban culture such as Coolie High, Superfly, and Shaft. Musically, it’s all over the place. Steering clear of house and tech, its main focus is R&B and funk smattered with light hip hop. Production is good, but I was hoping for even a few modern tracks. Still, it’ll find it’s time and place in most CD players. I can only hope that people give When the Funk Hits as much consideration as it deserves.

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