(The Telephone Album)


The name of this album really isn’t The Telephone Album. It actually doesn’t have a title, just an image of a telephone. I suggest that people talking about the title should simply make the sound of a ringing telephone, much like the sounds the blue headed Muppet man on Sesame Street used to do for certain objects.

With (insert ring here), Lotion has finally admitted to themselves that they are a full-fledged pop band. Simply put, (insert ring here) is the band’s best album yet. It employs a raucous blend of pop and rock, at times Replacements, at times Thin Lizard Dawn, at times Cheap Trick, at times Oasis (without the British feel), but always just outside blatant comparison. This is aided by the fact that Tony Zajkowski’s vocals are unique in their style and sound, not quite strained, but fitting of the rich music.

(Insert ring here) is exceptional for its strength and variety. There is straightforward rock (“Feedback Queen”), odd staccato rhythmic pop (“Mr. President”), a beautiful ballad (“West of Here”), and a musical cornucopia (“Drop Dead”) that I can’t get out of my head. Despite the variety of music, however, Lotion has somehow been able to produce each song in a way that shows its musical depth. There’s lots going on in the background, and it ain’t just harmony vocals.

After two records and an EP, Lotion has finally found their groove and produced the record to capture it. Yet the album sounds loose and natural at the same time. (Insert ring here) certainly bodes well for Lotion’s future. Spin Art, 580 Broadway, Suite 1105, New York, NY 10012

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