Zombie Apocalypse


Ahhh, the gentle sounds of a Zombie Apocalypse… What else to go with your dinner of rotting flesh and fetid entrails? The enduring Mortician have invited all their fans and anyone else to dine on this brutally evil gore-fest of blackest death metal — everyone dig in!

Mortician, who’ve actually toured all over the world, are close to the Misfits lyrically, as their songs focus on horror movie imagery, but musically play classic death metal. Bassist/frontman Will Rahmer’s croaking vocals sound like some hungry zombie, clawing his way to the surface of the earth intent on feeding his unholy, unstoppable hunger for human meat. I also appreciate that the band printed the lyrics, allowing me, after about five listens, to distinguish between words versus noise.

The next time I see them live (the last time was in 1995, at an underground festival headlined by Carnivore) I’ll be able to sing along to “Devoured Alive,” “Incinerated,” and “Blood Harvest.” That’ll be me, down on the floor screaming: “Doused with fluid/ Blow torch flaming/ It’s time to die/ Roasted alive… ” which are not from “Incinerated,” as you might have guessed, but from “Charred Corpses.” “Incinerated,” clearly the most provocative song on the album, is about nuclear war. In fact, it’s pro-nuclear war, at least from the zombie’s point of view: “… Bodies cooked/ Massive death/ Incinerated/ Earth is dead… ” I also completely appreciate that the band members all lift weights, have long hair, wear black, and have fire in their eyes. We need more of these people brazenly walking our streets! Soon…

EARTH IS DEAD! Relapse, P.O. Box 251, Millersville, PA 17751;

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