Music for TV Dinners

Music for TV Dinners

The ’60s


Ever feel worn down? Lustreless? Like things just didn’t turn out like you thought they would — no convenient parking spaces, the dry cleaning not ready yet, the tomatoes bruised and leaking underneath the clear wrap and juicy red topsides? Brother, I have the medication for you — it’s this disc, and let me tell you, it is not to be taken internally.

Instead, pop it into your favorite polycarbonate centrifuge and lean back (waaaay back) in your La-Z-Boy, as this collection of canned music will take you to a magical land where everything is gloss and pastel, the colors aren’t as deep, the film is a bit grainier, but everything works as advertised. Music for TV Dinners: The ’60s (there was a previous volume) is the soundtrack to the future we never got, an anthology of music intended for whatever you could use it for. Written and produced without an anticipated application, production music is the sonic equivalent of clip art, ready to go when you need to fill that white space. As a result, some of these “nameless” tunes have come to wield significant nostalgic associative powers. It’s mighty powerful stuff, and you should never exceed Dr. Fresno’s dosage. Caroline Records, 104 W. 29th St., New York, NY 10001

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