You Are Freaking Me Out


If you can remember from back in the day, Samiam were one of those goofy, beer-slugging pop punk bands from the East Bay. Lookout # 20 was their debut single? Maybe so, “You Are” treads through familar enough turf. “Full On” and “She Found You” are driving anthems for the bored of today. The rest of the LP tracks aren’t as commercially viable as the two lead tracks, but it doesn’t matter. I spent ten years doing nothing but skatin’ and listening to HxC while burning fatties. What’s to say the kids of today are any different? This kind of music is new again to an eager generation of better-informed consumers. Samiam haven’t changed one bit. So I suspect that this album could do very well for them. If all else fails, your girlfriend will like it. Ignition Records, 2112 Broadway, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10023

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