Entertainment Program For Humans (Second Variety)


Even if I hadn’t previously heard Servotron, the Phillip K. Dick reference in this album’s title (was that intentional?) would have guaranteed a listen from me. Those unfamiliar with Servotron should be informed that this “band” is a collective of robots whose main goal seems to be the domination of the human race via their musical transmissions. Since their assertions of robotic superiority come in the form of something like a cross between early Devo and the B-52s, I fear for our autonomy, and foresee a future where we are firmly in the yoke of Servotron’s mechanical control. In the meantime, let’s dance! Jerk and flail your limbs to the staccato beat! Pretend you’re welding cars on an assembly line and swivel your arms accordingly! Limber those joints in readiness for the cybernetic implants, for soon you will be discarding your pathetic and inadequate carbon-based life-sac. Your new cadmium-alloy exoskeleton will be much better suited for rhythmic social movement. Lookout! Records, P.O. Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94701

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