Shack Daddys

Shack Daddys

Shack Daddys


Imagine yourself cruising down “Alligator Alley” in a vintage ’58 Cadillac convertible heading for the Keys without a care in the world.

The Shack Daddys would make an apropos traveling companion. Not only does their music offer sweet sounds bred in the tiki bars of Pompano Beach, but you don’t have to hear “are we lost?,” “that reminds me of the time!,” or any other distraction that could disrupt your solitude. This homegrown sound, referred to as shack music or “sugarcane soul,” is a potpourri of blues, island influences, funk, and a dash of delta guitar. Your journey will consist of original tunes like “Skunk Blood Funky” (with a name like “Skunk Blood Funky,” it has to be good!) and “Refugees From A Gorilla Love-in,” to “shacked-up” covers of classics “Ring of Fire” and “Mona Lisa.”

The recipe for shack music is the brainchild of Bonefish Johnny, who has been playing it for years to audiences already hip to the shack trip or lucky enough to catch a show. His previous band, Groove Things, saw success in the early ’90s and received a local award (Jammie) in 1991. He recently teamed up with bassist Kilmo to form The Shack Daddys, who will take sugarcane soul to the next century. This self-titled debut should be available at local record stores keen enough to support local musicians.

Its nice to see a band with an original sound get some recognition without being forced to compromise the music they love. Shack Daddys can ride with me anytime. For a visit to the shack, check out

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