Smart Went Crazy

Smart Went Crazy

Con Art


If DC bands have a typical sound, then Smart Went Crazy just don’t fit. Cello and smooth vocals in tow, their songs are more laid-back and witty than noisy or abrasive. They remind me at times of a tamer Shudder To Think. At best, SWC combine control and perpetual motion, careening with finesse as they shift musical gears, each new part like coming around a corner to a nice surprise. At worst they fall into a groove and just stay there, dragging.

Kudos for a pretty original sound, easily more art than con art. Though there is a pretty even balance between songs I like and don’t like on this record, I would recommend it for fans of quirky art-rock, but don’t just grab it because you like other Dischord bands. Dischord, 3819 Beecher St. NW, Washington, DC 20007

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