The Apples In Stereo

The Apples In Stereo

Tone Soul Evolution [Reissue]

Elephant 6/SpinART/Sire

Look at those labels stack up! This is Sire’s reissue of last year’s SpinART gem. Seems like more and more people are noticing the Apples’ unique blend of bittersweet melody and fuzzed-out production. As with all other Apples In Stereo albums I’ve heard, I’m left humming the tunes on this record for days on end. With some music, this is torture and agony — I still remember the shame I felt when I realized that what I was whistling was some Spice Girls tune. But I stray from the point. The Apples In Stereo offer pop hooks galore amidst a summery sonic setting. Have some.

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