The Spiky Joys/The Attacked

The Spiky Joys/The Attacked

Just Another Punk

Knock Out/Cargo

This is a split CD of five tracks by The Spiky Joys and eight by The Attacked, two Japanese punk bands.

It seems like every time I listen to a split, I’m being forced into judging a beauty contest. You know, here’s two bands, which one is better? Well, if I must decide, then The Spiky Joys win, hands down. Their five tracks are kick-ass punk, even if they do know only one chord pattern. The cuts are nicely recorded. “Don’t Fold at Power” is especially good.

The Attacked have much more of a garage sound, which would be great of they used it to their advantage. Instead, they fumble around, searching for a beat and forgetting to tune their instruments. The eight tracks they contribute to the CD are badly recorded and impossible to understand. They should try again when they get out of junior high. Cargo Records, 1525 West Homer, Chicago, IL 60621

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