The Underground Kingdom

The Underground Kingdom

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I’m not too familiar with KRAM’s stuff, so I’m not sure exactly how old or new all of the twelve cuts on this album are. I assume that most of them are pretty new, but several have that “old school” booty feel that makes them see a little dusty. But definitely good.

The Underground Kingdom is a compilation put out from Orlando’s own KRAM records and it is slamming with lots of different vibes and grooves for you to chew on. This fun and bass filled sound is what people are calling the “Orlando sound” of electronica. We have KRAM to thank for this.

All of the cuts on the album use bass heavily in beats that are definitely happening, but not too heavy or complex to follow. This is a refreshing change from some of the more obscure work that has been coming out of Europe lately. This is just good music for shakin’ and partying down with. Judging by The Underground Kingdom, KRAM’s artists have perfectly concocted a blend of break beat and techno music that simply makes you want to move your ass!

Some of the cuts on the album are ones you’ve heard before, like K5’s “Passion,” which is heavily played on Real Radio. Thursday Club’s cuts have a strong acid house/techno appeal. Newton’s “Just Feel It” has a rockin’ house mode that I dig, and I’m quite partial to Joe C. and Digital Farm’s “The Journey Begins” for its all around smoothness.

Good work here from Orlando. Nice to see some locals doing their own thing and getting it out. This is a great comp if you’re interested in KRAM, or danceable grooves in general. Intersound Inc., P.O. Box 1724, Roswell, GA 30077;

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