Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee

Jailhouse Blues: Songs of Love and Devotion


They’re back! At least Tommy Lee of the infamously horrific couple Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee is, this time with HIS story. Okay, so the video is out, and we can all watch them “shag.” And then all hell broke loose, and Tommy goes to the slammer for allegedly beating on Pamela. Well, he’s decided to make his response to all the insanity going on. Tommy Lee recently recorded ten songs over the phone from his jail cell. Each song is about his love, devotion, and relationship with Pamela (of course he forgot to mention their child in all of the songs). He begs for forgiveness, but stands firm on his belief that from time to time a woman needs some discipline, as demonstrated in the song, “What’s in a Bitch Slap?” The liner notes help explain where Tommy got the idea for the whole album. “I’ve always been a huge fan of “Sacred Love” by Bad Brains, where HR sings from jail… I thought this might be a good idea for me to tell Pamela how much I really love her, and let our fans know my side of the story.” Nice try, Tommy. Hope the royalties post your bail and get you a bag.

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