Uranium 9 Volt

Uranium 9 Volt

Wild Seven


Once upon a time Lookout put out records by Monsula and Fuel, two really amazing anthemic punk/emo bands from the Bay Area. Somewhere along the line, they stopped. Maybe there just weren’t any more bands playing that kind of music in the area for a while. So now, years later, here comes Lookout’s latest offering in the post-hardcore genre: Uranium 9 Volt. This leans a little closer to the Foo Fighters side of things than I prefer, but I do admire the effort of Lookout’s part. I only wish that they would have chosen a band with a little more to offer than this, though. There are bands in our own backyard that are doing this sort of thing equally as well, if not better. Orlando’s Peterbuilt comes to mind. This CD does start out with promise. The first song, “Split Derision,” is a pretty straight ahead rocker, but I find my attention wandering as the CD progresses. This is the kind of thing that someone would call “good background music,” whatever that means. A very forgettable record. Lookout! Records, P.O. Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94701

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