V. Card

V. Card

There’s You…


It’s such an easy out to compare this to Jawbreaker or Hüsker Dü, but I’m going to do it anyway. Those two bands did the 3-piece, power pop punk with personal lyrics thing so well that it’s hard to listen to this stuff without thinking of those bands. Boston’s V. Card are doing it pretty well right now, too. This CD is much better than the other recordings I’ve heard from them. Scott Vingers’ vocals are strong and confident. I think that may be what sets them apart from most of the Jawbreaker/Hüsker inspired crowd for me. The singer has a distinctive voice and a point of view. That’s what I find lacking on so many other bands of this genre: a point. There’s so many bands that you hear and say, “yeah the music’s fairly good, but where did they find this sorry excuse for a singer!” That’s not the case here. This is well executed, gritty pop punk that sticks in your head for a while after you hear it. Allied Recordings, P.O. Box 460683, San Francisco, CA 94146

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