Very Secretary

Very Secretary

Best Possible Souvenir


Clean guitars interweave and play off each other, remaining pretty low-key. Piano sometimes helps the melody along as well. The vocals are softly sung and have an odd quality that took a little adjusting to, but ultimately well-done.

In fact, Best Possible Souvenir as a whole took a little getting accustomed to, primarily because I haven’t heard much that sounds like this. There’s almost no “rock” here at all. It kinda reminds me of a very stripped down Castor in an odd way. I’m glad I gave it a few listens. Fresh, enjoyable, and wondefully honest. Comprised of ex-members of Braid, Days In December, The One Up Downstairs, with a wonderful guest duet with Elizabeth of Sarge on “Composure.” Check this out. Mud Records, 905 S. Lynn Street, Urbana, IL 61801-5205

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