Will Bernard

Will Bernard

Medicine Hat


This Antilles release from Will Bernard is the classic example of that type of jazz music that is for boys only. I’m not saying that women don’t like it, but it is manly music that guys who like smoky clubs, cold beer, playing guitar, and jazz are into. I bet that if you went to one of their shows, the audience would be 85% male. Just like at a Charlie Hunter show, or TJ Kirk, or Applejack, or Medeski Martin and Wood. Speaking of which, this combo kind of sounds a lot like all of those. Only they’re doing a straight-ahead funk thing with a guy in front who sounds a lot like the jazzy version of Anthony Curtis. Hmmmm? Me cant’s decide to like or not. Maybe this bass, drums, guitar, Hammond B3 organ thing is getting a bit overused. Maybe not. These guys aren’t doing anything too original, just good grooving jazz with a funky up-tempo twist with some flighty work on the Hammond, and ferocious guitar work.

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