Windy and Carl

Windy and Carl



After releasing two albums and a slew of singles, regional space rock heroes Windy and Carl give us a new LP to choke back. Having championed Dearborn’s ambient analogue school for some years now, on Depths, beatless soundscapes hurdle past the listener into a series of deconstructed crescendoes. I can picture their studio littered with instruments of bygone era piped through various filters and mixed with a minimum of effects. Abstractionist melodies for those who feel lost in the new age supermarket. Take a hard left in the ambient aisle and wait for the tingle to creep slowly up your spine. Fans of Jonah Sharp and Mixmaster Morris might enjoy the Depths of Windy and Carl’s labor. I know that I have. Kranky, P.O. Box 578743, Chicago, IL 60657

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