The Swinging Combination

The Swinging Combination

The Swingers

Scenario. Boy, 19. Open to anything. Young, attractive, fun, confident. Just broke up with girlfriend. Gets invited to a party at the house of a beautiful young neighbor. He goes, hoping to get lucky. On the prowl? The prowl was on him.

So, at the party he meets the cute neighbor, Katrina, and her boyfriend of SIX YEARS, Shaggy. All of their friends seem gay. Very nice, but gay nonetheless. People are off in little groups staring at him and whispering among themselves. All are quiet, playful, and flirty. Someone suggests they all play spin the bottle and as the potent nineteen year old laughs the idea off, he suddenly finds himself on the floor with an empty bottle of wine and two women making out. It was at the moment that I realized I was a swinger.

If we need to delve and go back and see where it all began, you could look to my youth. Somehow, when I was sixteen I managed to get two girls to make out, get naked, and get down with me at the same time. I received offers to do it again later, but declined. However on this exciting chilly night in late November, 1994, I jumped right in baby. And went in head first too.

Minutes after arriving at this party there were clusters of people all over the place making out and disrobing. Before long I found myself being undressed by three naked women on a bed. Later I was making out with two women and one man. Later I was getting blown on a couch by a girl. The whole fucking night was a blur, and suddenly I found myself indulging in a party that has no ends. Ya dig?

After the party I bumped into my neighbors and asked them what the hell was going on. They answered by telling me that they’ve been together for six years and swinging for five. They have a regular girlfriend and have a threesome going, but they’d like to invite me over to make it four. I was stoked. Two gorgeous women and a really interesting guy. I hadn’t ever explored bi sexuality before, but this was an opportunity that I couldn’t resist (there’s a big ole homo in me somewhere baby).

It’s strange, and I try to explain this to everyone who knows, but when you’re actually there, doing it, making love to more than one person at a time, it doesn’t really seem like a big deal. I mean it seems like a big deal before you’ve ever fucked around with two or three people at once, and it does afterwards too when you’re wondering if it can ever happen again, but at the moment, when YOU are actually there with two other naked persons and you are getting it on, it doesn’t really seem different at all. In fact it feels really normal and natural. Why don’t people do this sort of thing all the time? It feels so clean, so good, so fucking amazingly awesome. You’ll cum more than you ever have before! You will get it up as many times as you need to without any problems (except maybe a little nervousness since there ARE people watching you perform now). It rocks!

My relationship with Katrina, Shaggy, and their girlfriend of a couple months, lasted about six weeks. We all had a great time together and were pretty open and proud of ourselves, going out to clubs and dancing together and making out and frolicking publicly. It was crazy. Eventually the thing ended when they decided to move away and I fell in love with another girl. She and I lead a mighty normal and steady relationship.

Later on I found myself and a girlfriend and a roommate playin’ the watusi game a couple of times too. I can’t escape this thing. Swinging is in my blood and there’s no stopping it.

Tips To Becoming A Good Swinger:

Allow yourself to be open to anything.

Allow yourself to be bi sexual (at least for the night)–someone has to be bi in a threesome with members of the opposite sex…

Allow yourself to not get attached to the situation or the new members of your party.

Allow yourself to throw smooth parties (with themes), and serve great eats and swanky drinks (you will always need drinks).

Allow your apartment and furniture to be accessible to all sorts of sexual appetites.

If you want to get into swinging, but don’t know how, I can help. The hardest part about swinging is finding people you like to do it with. Sometimes people who are into swinging and are open about it are not people you want to fuck. It is that simple (as you can imagine). Avoid those “Regional Swinger” magazines and banks of classifieds, unless you’re looking for a good chuckle. It looks like the internet is very similar, but there are free services that could help you out a little.

If you and your mate decide that for whatever reasons you both want to ask such and such to jump on it, then the easiest way to make it happen is to just ask them. Seriously. Think of how faltering it is to know that two people want to fuck you at the same time? Cool. I’d bet that most people would say, “OK” (granted that you two make a nice couple). This whole process helps if you know the person well enough to think she/he’d be into such behavior. If you are approaching someone that you’ve just met, then you’re pretty ballsy. This may or may not work out right away, but just go ahead and be open and forward and just ask the motherfucker.

I’ve heard (and seen) how swinging can be really damaging to a couple, so it is very important that there is good open communication between you and your life partner about what you want and don’t want going on. What you are allowed and not allowed to do. When emotions and jealousy start playing a role in the swinging game, things can get really screwy, so you must be open, communicative, loving, and careful. Remember that you do not ever have to do anything you are not comfortable with. No matter what. This should always be understood by all.

If you are single then you’re gonna have a harder time orchestrating a three or more some. You should concentrate on joining in on someone else’s relationship (which is kind of cool since they do all the work and all you have to do is have fun). For this you’re gonna either have to know the couple well and ask them to think about it (or wait for them to ask you), or you’re gonna have to attract a couple’s attention. But not just any couple, a couple of Swingers.

That’s right, it is easy to pick out swingers in public places, and it is easy to pick out singles looking to swing. The general rule is that you wear black (black velvet is hot), pay extreme attention to stylish detail, look bisexual, act cool, and glare at people flirtatiously. Gay bars are the best place to do this. You can always find the ones you need there. After a while you’ll learn to master the flirt stare glare and once you do, people will know you mean business.

Now to digress…The couple of neighbors that I started swinging with eventually lost their sanity. While their girlfriend got into heroin, he got into male prostitution, and eventually they all learned to become dysfunctional. Somehow though the core couple stayed together and has gone on to enjoy more exotic outings and swinging affairs. I’m quite pleased that I haven’t let my swinging nature get me into any trouble (unless my parents start reading this magazine), but in order to be a really smooth swinger (like myself) you must also be a cool player. And I’m not gonna tell you how I’ve accomplished that.

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