All Punk Rods

All Punk Rods

A Gearhead Magazine Compilation


This is a can’t-lose collection of dragstrip trash punk that burns the quarter mile in less than four seconds! Great songs from the Nomads, The Demonics, The Splash Four, The Hellacopters, The Quadrajets, The Hi-Fives, Man or Astroman?, Gas Huffer, The Dragons, The Donnas, PeeChees, Servotron, and The Smugglers. With these punks in your pit, you’re sure to take home a trophy. In between songs are cuts form the famous Munsters “Hot Rod Herman” episode. This means you get to hear “Grandpa” Al Lewis say “my son-in-law: the 150-year old teenage punk.” Man, I wish I had that on a cart when I did radio. Collections like this are what punk freaks live for. Lookout! Records, P.O. Box 11374, Berkeley, CA 94701

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