Baka Beyond

Baka Beyond

Flight of the Swallow


Sometimes, the best thing about reviewing CDs is when you randomly pick-up a CD (with no cover, I might add), and listen to music that you have never heard before and will probably never hear again. I can’t tell you anything about Baka Beyond, except that the music seems to be African, with lots of tribal rhythms, chants, and great jazz-influenced mood music. I listened to this while getting a massage, and was quite impressed. The music helped me drift away into bliss, never missing a beat or note. Total relaxation and comfort — until the last song, “Queen of Ngoronforo,” which is like an African hoe-down. It really threw me off track. Until then, beautiful music. But then again, it could have been total anti-American/down wit’ whitey music. Ahhh, what bliss!

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