Thirteen Day Getaway

Lava/Atlantic Records

New York Hardcore adds another notch in its billy stick with this conquest! CIV’s follow-up to the smash debut “Set Your Goals” yields more great, head-shaking tunes (thirteen to be exact) to an already impressive resume and establishes CIV as a great band, not merely an unstable beam in Yankee Stadium waiting to collapse. These guys got what it takes.

While many punk bands release an album that is only a slight variation of their last, Anthony Civorelli and the boys display their veteran experience by delving into some new sounds and mixing things up a bit, which include a Hammond organ on “Itchypoo Park” and vocal effects throughout the album. CIV takes some chances and pulls it off effortlessly! Don’t dismay, Thirteen Day Getaway features some grinders like “Using Someone Else” and “Living Life.” You may even find shades of “Can’t Wait One Minute More” in “Something Special.”

Two stints with the Warped Tour showcased their live intensity. Now they are rested and out of the studio, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for a tour in your hometown. Plan your getaway now!

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