Curtis Bay

Curtis Bay



One night we were having a party, and Pete was there with his little Casio sampler. Pete sampled himself in the bathroom and played it for us. Now, backed with a cool electronic jazz soundtrack, it sounded pretty cool… Curtis Bay and Mike DeJong seem to take party tricks like that to the level of high art. Consider this: how in the world could anyone make a worthwhile song based around a sample of Killdozer’s “Hamburger Martyr”? Curtis Bay’s “Gunfire” does just that, and the result is brilliant!

The entire album is a presentation of low-tech techno, underground hip-hop with obscure samples set to creepy, yet pumpin’, outer space bleeps, barks, beats and bops. The underground gangsta dance clubs will like “Era of Terra,” a young urban man’s manifesto, and “R.A.I.D.,” as they bump and grind a bit; I know I’d be into watching the babes get down to this…

A lot of what’s on Genuine Low, like .”38 Joe,” “Cold Crankin,'” and “Period Piece” (which is introduced with a blitzing sample from the Spider-Man theme) would be most appropriately listened to the hour before a raid on rival turf. This is music that you need to hear in a dark, industrial work camp, by dim firelight, your weapon at the ready. It’s perfect for long nights of lonely study or late night road trips. tonguebath, P.O. Box 30755, Oakland, CA 94604.

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