Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman

Men In Black — The Score

Columbia/Sony Music Soundtracks

This project is a BRILLIANT fusion of sampled/electronic midi-technology, bizarre percussion (yes!), and live orchestra performance. Continually morphing between timbres, Elfman (the greatest modern film-score composer!) uses unusual sound effects and instruments very sparsely, which perpetually keeps me thinking, “Where the hell am I now?” Even without the visual aid of the movie, it can stand alone as absolute music. Again, Elfman has used two of my favorite “harmonic climates,” the beautiful lydian mode and some pounding Primus-like half-step chromaticism, both employed during the “M.I.B. Main Theme.” My favorite track so far is “Finale” which sounds like a once-and-for-all goddammed trip to heaven (Note: This reminds me of the peculiar problem of ENDING compositions that represent paradise/100% happiness. Why should they end? This is a question that is best left to philosopher/composer/physiologist, Christopher Aaron Schlegel to answer.) When I listen to a new Danny Elfman score, I’m always guaranteed to be knocked on my ass during the first few seconds. What a mind.

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