Experimental Audio Research

Experimental Audio Research

Millenium Music: A Meta-Musical Portrait


Only three songs on this album, but each clocks in at nearly twenty minutes. On first listen, it appears to be a variety of sounds, ranging from ’60s “the computer is now thinking” sound effects to unidentifiable skronks. Second listen provided the same experience, somewhat refined. Is there a pattern? Deliberation? Before the third listen, I actually read the liner notes, which purport to explain that the zeros and ones contained herein actually represent “a soundscape which reflects time from pre-history and the dinosaur age through modern digital communication and 20th century travel.” The power of suggestion made subsequent listens more interesting. Still, you need a special kind of patience to make it past the first listen, or maybe even the first song. Much better than the pastel ambient flooding the bins these days, anyway. Atavistic, P.O. Box 578266, Chicago, IL 60657; http://www.atavistic.com

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