Gus Van Sant

Gus Van Sant

18 Songs About Golf

Pop Secret

This was originally recorded in 1983, but I guess Van Sant’s recent success in the film mainstream has sparked enough interest to make it available again, fifteen years later. Living up to its title, 18 Songs About Golf provides eighteen songs about what I assume to be a favorite pastime of Van Sant’s. The music is clean and catchy, a bit sparse perhaps, but good. Van Sant’s voice, while certainly not operatic, is fully up to the task of singing about caddies, sunstroke, carts and such without producing a cringing effect on the listener — he’s mostly on key. Goofy and light, this has nothing to do with his film work (at least not directly), but is the perfect gift for your favorite golf addict. You should make them watch My Private Idaho or Drugstore Cowboy, too. Pop Secret, P.O. Box 2203, Portland, OR 97208

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