Janie Jones

Janie Jones

The Sex, The Scandals, The Singles Collection!!


Janie Jones had a handful of late-Sixties British pop hits, before landing in jail under accusations of “controlling prostitutes” (what I assume to be the English term for “pimping.”). This notoriety brought her to the attention of the Clash and Joe Strummer, who immortalized Janie in the song of the same name, and cemented an ongoing friendship and collaboration; songs that each has written for the other are included here.

Some might argue that Jones’ historical significance seems disproportionate to her talent — if you like bubbly English strings-and-brass pop with the occasional childlike twist (“Witches Brew,” “Tickle My Tootsie Wootsies”), you’ll probably like this, but you’re probably also in the minority — but it seems to nonetheless form an interesting chapter of musical history. Cargo Distribution, 1525 West Homer, Chicago, IL 60621

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