Liquid Vinyl

Liquid Vinyl


This self-produced 10-song CD by Gainesville quintet Liquid Sky has very good production values and was recorded locally at Skylab Studios. In a recent local rag the band members spent some time distancing themselves from the G word — grunge, and I am not a huge fan of that particular style. Liquid Vinyl aren’t really grunge, however; post-grunge might be closer, or maybe South Florida alternative. In other words, not really a “Gainesville” sounding (whether in the punk rock or pop sense) band.

Nothing wrong with that of course, although stylistically Liquid Vinyl aren’t my thing, anyone into grunge might like Liquid Vinyl, they’re sort of grunge vocals and songs, with metallic guitars. They put out a demo awhile ago that I seriously did not care for, but Bound is more likable from my perspective, so they’re showing growth as they progress. Which is good, in whatever direction it may be.

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