Punk List

Punk List

Various Artists

This 20-song cassette compilation tape is in some respects similar to other zine compilations you may run across, but in other respects markedly different. First, it is similar in that if you play the tape at any volume, it will have you running back to your stereo’s volume and tone controls (or equalizer if you have one) between each song due to the different recording levels and production values on each song. From there, differences abound, one being that such sonic differences are more marked because of the very wide variety of songs and recording techniques presented, and similarly the styles of music show more variety than your typical zine compilation tape.

There are at least three broad stylistic areas represented on the tape, from punk/hardcore that’s fairly listenable if not always melodic, to the various humorous deconstructions of pop songs with instruments like banjo and toy piano, to basically unlistenable noise masquerading as “art.” Another difference besides the wide variety of style is that all the artists actually have something in common. They (like your reporter) are members of the Punk List, an E-mail community of people who happen to like punk rock, and correspond about that topic and virtually (pardon the pun) everything else. Comes with the Punk List Zine (reviewed elsewhere herein) and instructions on subscribing to the list. If you’re adventurous send $3 to: Punk List Zine, 5907 Meridian Street, Los Angeles CA 90042

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